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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Indonesia : Bengkulu still on bird flu alert

Via Antara News :

" Bengkulu Province is still on alert of bird flu as H5N1 virus cases have been reported in every region in the province, a local official said.

"Although the number of bird flu cases does not increase, Bengkulu is still cautious of bird flu, and we ask the local residents to monitor their live poultry," Emran Kuswadi, Coordinator of Local Disease Control Center (LDCC), said here Tuesday.

Up to now, a total of 1,881 chickens had been dead because of bird flu virus, according to Emran.

Seven districts and cities have been particularly declared bird flu alert, namely Bengkulu, Seluma, Lebong, Bengkulu Tengah, Kepahiang, Kaur and Rejang Lebong districts.

The worst bird flu-affected district is Seluma where 1,175 chickens died of the H5N1 virus at two sub districts, he said."

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