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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ireland : Flu death toll reaches same level as swine outbreak

Via Independent :

" The official number of people who died from flu this winter is almost on par with last year's swine flu outbreak, it emerged yesterday.

There have been 26 deaths from flu recorded here since October -- just one short of the 27 who were killed by the virus when swine flu swept Ireland last year.

However, while deaths in the winter of 2009/2010 were all due to swine flu, it was slightly less of a threat during the season just gone, according to the Health Protection Surveillance Centre. Since October, 21 of the deaths were due to swine flu, three were caused by influenza B, one as a result of both viruses, and another due to some strain of influenza A.


In 23 cases, patients had underlying medical conditions which left them vulnerable to the complications of flu, but three were previously healthy.

Last year, pre-existing medical conditions were reported in 25 of the 27 deaths, including respiratory disease, heart problems, asthma and obesity."

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