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Friday, March 25, 2011

Indonesia : In W. Java, Bird-Flu Battle Starts With Clean Coops

Via Jakarta Globe :

" With avian flu continuing to be a pressing concern, the state has launched a program to teach West Java farmers how to reduce the spread of disease among chickens. The project, initiated by the Indonesian-Dutch Partnership on High Pathogenic Avian Influenza (IDP) in August is now training farmers in West Java, the country’s biggest supplier of poultry with 36 million chickens last year.

Mimi, who has been raising chickens for 10 years, was among 24 farmers in Padamulya, Subang, being trained in biosecurity techniques, or simply put, healthy farming methods. The 39-year-old said the information was useful, though she never had to deal with avian flu in all her years as a farmer. “Thank God, during my 10 years of chicken farming, none of my animals have ever been infected,” she said.

The only time the disease cut into her business was in 2005, when a bird-flu epidemic pushed down chicken prices. More recently, she was unable to ship poultry to Jakarta due to a three-month ban to June last year."

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