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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ghana hit by cholera epidemic

Via Africa Review, excerpt :

" Ghana’s health authorities are battling a cholera outbreak that has so far killed about 70 people with about 4,000 others currently admitted in hospitals all over the country.

Officials in Accra have started to vigorously enforce a by-law that calls for the arrest and prosecution of those who relieve themselves in unapproved places.

Last year, city officials ordered all landlords to ensure that they provided toilets within their premises. The order does not seem to have been adhered to as private and public toilets, which are run as business ventures, have been springing up in parts of the city.

The situation in the slums is particularly dire. Mr Cephas Kutu, a resident of Gbegbese, one of the sprawling slums in the capital, told Africa Review: “As an adult, l am not happy to be defecating just yards near my house, but the landlord has not provided the required facility and with the terrible accommodation problem, l am even lucky to have a place without a toilet."

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