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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

India : Surge in H1N1 deaths alarms docs

Via Times of India :

" Experts worldwide might well have concluded that H1N1 has run its course , but closer home the deadly virus continues to take its toll. It claimed more lives in Maharashtra in 2010-2011 than any other infectious disease , including malaria , dengue , chikungunya and encephalitis , according to figures collated by the state government.

Between April last year and March this year , 525 people died in the state after contracting H1N1, while 185 fell to malaria. Of these, the most swine flu deaths—221—occurred in the Pune region.

Mumbai was more fortunate. While the city witnessed a steady flow of swine flu cases—1 ,145 patients tested positive during the period—the death toll stood at 39. Equally importantly, most of Mumbai's fatalities happened in 2010."

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