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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Paraguay admits that the dengue epidemic is the most severe in a decade

Article Merco Press :

" Paraguay’s Minister of Public Health Esperanza Martinez acknowledged on Tuesday that the current mosquito transmitted dengue epidemic is far more severe than that of 2007, considered the worst in recent times, and claimed she has had limited support from city councils

“Undoubtedly it is the worst of all”, said a frustrated Martinez when asked about the impact of the disease that so far has caused 23 reported deaths compared to 17, four years ago.

Martinez said that the situation worsened significantly because of a new dengue virus, serotype 2 and the fact so many people are sensitive to the disease for having been exposed in previous epidemics.

The minister also pointed out the lack of a coordinated effort by regional town councils, “we have structural problems that can’t be addressed and improved” underlining that councils have failed in insisting in simple sanitation campaigns in their jurisdictions."

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