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Friday, February 11, 2011

Indonesia : Alleged Suspect Bird Flu, Patient Isolated, Blood Test to Jakarta

Translated article from Pontianak Post :

" A patient suspected suspect bird flu (H5N1) A. Domi, (26) Establish Sub District residents Hedgehogs undergoing intensive treatment in isolation Regional General Hospital (Hospital) Soedarso. Now the hospitals are still awaiting results of laboratory tests on blood samples from patients who have been sent to Jakarta for a positive or negative certainty that the alleged suspect.

Soedarso Hospital Director, Messrs Gede said the alleged suspect a patient has been treated intensively. Treatment of patients led Dr. Salam, lung specialist. "the patient's blood sample has been sent for laboratory testing in Jakarta," said Gede. But he can not itemize when to know the result. "We still continue to coordinate to get the lab test results," added dia.Namun, continued Gede, the results of initial diagnosis, Domi was not suffering from suspected bird flu susfect, but tuberculosis. "That is just conjecture, for surely wait for lab test results," he said."

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