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Monday, March 29, 2010

Australia - Experts warn of double-whammy flu season

Via, the Australian are kicking into high gear with regards to preparation to tackle the flu season, let it be H1N1 or the seasonal strain.

" HEALTH authorities are warning of a double whammy flu threat this year, with both the swine flu and more conventional strains in wide circulation.

Dr Alan Hampson, chair of the Influenza Specialist Group and consultant to the World Health Organisation, said new cases of swine flu were now emerging in Australia after a lull over summer.

Over the second half of last year, the (H1N1) swine flu was most serious in those aged under 65, along with pregnant women and the chronically ill.

Dr Hampson said Australia was "highly unlikely" to avoid a return of widespread swine flu infection this winter."

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