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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Brunei In Grip Of Second H1N1 Wave

Via BruDirect, even our neighbours Brunei has admitted that their are in their second wave of H1N1 infections and their numbers have increased dramatically in March 2010. I wonder when we will hear something like this in Malaysia or are we still being denied the truth.

" Brunei Darussalam reported a second wave of the influenza A (H1N1) pandemic (the highest figure) last month (February) with 775 cases as the first wave in July last year saw 758 cases.

From March 1 to 23, the country has reported 473 cases and 133 classes in schools have been closed since January this year. In comparison, 234 classes were closed for the 4 whole of last year. Also, in January this year, the country saw only 120 cases of H1N1.

Until March 15 this year, 42,249 people have been vaccinated against H1N1 in Brunei.

Director of Health Services Dr Hjh Maslina bte Hj Mohsin disclosed these details in her talk at the national seminar for religious scholars and experts on influenza A (H1N1)."

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