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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Thailand's death toll from A/H1N1 flu rises to 219: minister

A report which is a real concern to us in Malaysia because Thailand is just across the border. They are indeed going through their H1N1 wave now with cases increasing in just a week and also another death has been recorded.

I think it's about time our own Health officials acknowledge the fact that, we are probably in our second wave right now and we really need to get our guards up to prevent anymore deaths and reduce the infection rates. Every death is a tragedy which must be mourned.

Via Xinhua:

" Thailand had one more death case due to the A/H1N1 influenza, bringing the country's death toll from the new flu to 219, Public Health Minister Jurin Laksanawisit disclosed Monday.

The latest victim was an 58-year-old man in a southernmost province of Pattani, Thai News Agency quoted Jurin as saying."

Via Bangkok Post:

" A 58-year-old man from Pattani was the last person to die from the flu.

He suffered from asthma and diabetes and died at Sai Buri district hospital between March 15 and 21 due to severe flu symptoms.

The total number of H1N1 flu deaths country-wide stands at 219. The number of infections has jumped to 35,971, health officials said."

Please read both the articles to get a clear picture of what is going in Thailand right now.

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