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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Swine flu fallout: many suffer from nagging symptoms long after H1N1 subsides

Via Yahoo Health, a more inside look on H1N1 and the pain, suffering it causes long after it infects someone. This is definetly a serious virus.

" Marga Cugnet thought she knew what she was in for when she came down with swine flu last October.

But the health administrator from Weyburn, Sask., said she was annoyed and somewhat dejected when the potent H1N1 virus left her with lingering symptoms that did not let up until earlier this month.

That's five months of suffering through a hacking, post-flu cough and bouts of fatigue.

"I never went anywhere without having a bag of cough drops with me because I would just get into a coughing spell that wouldn't stop," said Cugnet, the 56-year-old vice-president of primary health with the Sun Country Health Region.

"I knew it could take months to go away, but I didn't think it would last that long."
Even though the global pandemic ceased making headlines weeks ago, the impact of the virus remains fresh in the minds of many Canadians who are just getting over an ailment that delivered a lasting one-two punch. "

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