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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Australia : Flu victim still on critical list

Via The Mercury :

" A PREGNANT woman with swine flu remained in a critical but stable condition in intensive care in the Royal Hobart Hospital last night.

Public health director Roscoe Taylor said the young woman, who is well advanced in her pregnancy, was admitted to hospital on Monday.

The woman, who is visiting Tasmania from a Middle-Eastern country, arrived in the state late last week and became ill over the weekend.

"We believe she was in transit when she contracted the swine flu, [we believe] it wasn't contracted in Tasmania," Dr Taylor said.

He said the woman had had minimal contact with other people since arriving in Hobart.

He could not give an update on the health of her unborn baby.

"This case is a strong reminder of the fact that pregnant women are at greater risk from influenza," he said.

Dr Taylor said that as the woman was likely to have contracted H1N1 while in transit, her case was unlikely to be an indication of a "second wave" of the flu hitting Tasmania."

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