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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Indonesia : Padang, West Sumatera - Bird flu suspect dies

A report from Ida at Bird Flu Information Corner, another suspected bird flu fatality :

" Padang : A sand miner named Yenpa Yenti (24), resident of Kampung Sawah Taratak Mudiak Muaro Kalaban, Sawah Lunto, West Sumatera, allegedly died of H5N1 infection in M Djamil hospital, Padang, Wednesday (28/7).

Victim’s parent, Rosmaniar (60) described her son started to experience high fever and chill of hand and feet on 22 July.

Next, Rosmaniar brought Yenti to a local health worker, of where she was recommended to bring her son to Sawah Lunto hospital. Because medical team of Sawah Lunto hospital suspected bird flu infection on Yenti, victim was transferred to M Djamil hospital in Padang.
Yenti was admitted to M Djamil hospital on 24 July and placed in special unit until the death on 28 July.

Director of M Djamil hospital, Irayanti said Yenti was suspected of having bird flu infection with symptoms such as fever up to 38℃ and breathing difficulty. Chest x-ray also showed evidence of lung infection. “According to patient’s parents, he had contact with chickens”, added Irayanti.

Yenpa Yenti is first fatal bird flu suspect patient in M Djamil hospital during 2010."

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