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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Trinindad & Tobago : Dengue fever outbreak in Tobago

Via News Day :

" Health officials in Tobago yesterday confirmed that there was a dengue fever outbreak on the island.

The officials told members of the media that 47 persons had tested positive for the virus so far this year, but there were no deaths to date. They indicated that there was now a resurgence of the number of persons testing positive for dengue fever despite a significant decline from February to May.

According to statistics, the month of July so far accounts for 13 of the cases — three less than the highest figure of 16 recorded in January. The community of Charlotteville in east Tobago recorded the highest number of cases for July, which stood at three.

Officials indicated that the figures represented those clients who tested positive for IGM or IGG, or both by Rapid test for dengue from the Scarborough Regional Hospital laboratory.

The samples were sent to the Trinidad Public Health Lab for further testing to determine whether these persons had contracted dengue fever, however, reports from the THPL have not yet been received."

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