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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Somalia: Cholera Kills Children in the Bay Region

Via Sunatimes :

" Baidabo: Seven children under the age of ten are reported to have died in the Labatan Jirow district in the Bay region of southern Somalia. It is believed that an outbreak of cholera has caused the death of the minors.

Twelve other children are currently suffering from the water born disease in the same district. The deaths have been reported and recorded in the last twelve hours only.

Sheikh Hassan Abdi Nur, who is the district commissioner of Labatan Jirow, told the press in Baidabo that the number of people affected by Cholera in the district is increasing after every hour. He said the outbreak of the disease has become a great worry for both residents and his administration.

Sheikh Hassan, who is also known as Sheikh Saydheelow, also said that there are no medical facilities and services in the district.

Most of the patients, who are mainly children, have been taken to the Baidabo General Hospital for treatment.The district commissioner of Labatan Jirow urged the local business community, Al-shabab leaders and the NGOs operating in the Bay region to help in providing medical aid and food relief."

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