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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

AH1N1 Influenza Outbreak In Venezuela Rises To 1,669 Cases

Article from NASDAQ, excerpt :

" CARACAS : The number of diagnosed cases of AH1N1 influenza in Venezuela continues to rise, having reached 1,669 this week, while local authorities say the outbreak is under control.

Speaking on a local radio station Monday, Venezuelan health official Miriam Morales said the rate of new infections had slowed and added that the government has purchased 6 million doses of vaccine to combat the strain of influenza commonly known as swine flu.

At the beginning of last week, the number of confirmed cases stood at 1,594, with most tallied since mid-March. Though Health Minister Eugenia Sader has said that the eruption has been "totally and absolutely under control" since the first days of April, the number of newly identified patients has steadily climbed from week to week, often by the hundreds."

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