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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Indonesia : Hundreds of chickens die in Kotanopan

Machine translated article from Waspada Online :

" PANYABUNGAN : Over the past week, hundreds of chickens died suddenly in Kotanopan, Kab. Mandailing Natal. Until now Husbandry Department Mandailing Natal meniliti cause of death has not gone down the chicken, so that citizens suspected disease that attacks the chicken is bird flu.

Sakban, 30, one citizen alone Siambak Estuary, Kec. Kotanopan that the encounter said that, in this last week has hundreds of chickens died suddenly. Until now he had not know the cause, only provisional estimates of bird flu.

"This week hundreds of my chickens died suddenly, I do not know the cause. His death was so sudden, in the afternoon when entering into the cage is still healthy, but died the next morning, there were not half-hearted at times reached 10-15 tail one night, "he said yesterday.

The same thing happened Bahrum Lopez, 35, a resident Muarapugkut. He admitted this week dozens of chickens died suddenly.

"It's tens of my chickens died within a week. What I also do not know the cause, said the bird flu attack. Now I live chicken 2 tails only, everything is dead, "he said."

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