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Saturday, April 23, 2011

US - New York : Alarming bacteria outbreak at Batavia hospital

Article from WIVB :

" BATAVIA, N.Y. : State health officials are investigating an alarming bacteria outbreak at a Batavia hospital. The family of a patient who was treated for the infection is speaking out.
Officials at United Memorial Medical Center say it's not that many more cases of C-Difficile than they see normally, but 18 cases in six weeks is still raising concerns.

John Gerace said, "She was very lucid; we were eating cake."

Margaret Wagner just celebrated her 86th birthday on April 5th. She had to celebrate it in United Memorial Medical Center (UMMC) in Batavia because she broke her hip, but the day after a picture of the celebration was taken, she had hip surgery and almost immediately contracted a disease known as C-Difficile, and now her great nephew, John Gerace, isn't sure she'll survive it.

Gerace said, "She's been fighting for the past two weeks with this, and it's sad to see somebody, and I've said it again, just to whittle away like that in front of you with something that's preventable. Had we known this was going on in the hospital, we would have never put her there."

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