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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ghana : Malaria still endemic in sub-region - Dr Offei-Awuku

Via Ghana News Agency :

" Cape Coast, April 20 : Dr Beth Offei-Awuku, Physician at the University of Cape Coast (UCC) Hospital, on Wednesday said malaria was still the number one killer in the West African sub-region.

Yet the average waiting time for a malaria patient to see a doctor was four hours, a situation she described as "unacceptable".

Dr Offei-Awuku expresssed regret that the doctor to patient ratio in Ghana and other countries in the sub-region is 1: 13,000, compelling many patients to resort to self medication.

She however called for an immediate stop to that practice since it was dangerous and could adversely affect one's health.

Dr Offei-Awuku was speaking on "Self Medication and the Consequences in Malaria Treatment," at a symposium as a prelude to the celebration of World Malaria Day which falls on Monday, April 25."

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