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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Indonesia : There are still dead resident's chicken

Machine translated report from Fajar Online :

" MAKASSAR : Livestock chickens owned by residents in Jalan Mallengkeri I still found dead and is strongly suspected to have contracted the virus H5N1 or bird flu. This situation began to worry local residents.

Chickens that died this time owned by citizens named Dg Rabiah. Houses Dg Rabiah adrift just three houses from home Mariati. Mariati is resident Street Mallengkeri I who first reported the sudden death of nine pet chickens to the local government. Animal Husbandry Department officials had confirmed Makassar chickens have been infected with bird flu virus after a rapid test three times.

Officers also had to persuade the citizens of the livestock owners to voluntarily join his chickens were destroyed by burning and then buried. But there who agree and some that still prefer a chicken stall.

Dg Rabiah own choosing to burn the chicken along with enclosures to prevent the transmission of the virus deadly to humans. "I wait staff (Department of Animal Husbandry, ed) recently destroyed," said Rabiah Dg, Tuesday, May 10."

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