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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mozambique: New Cholera Outbreak in Maputo

Article from All Africa :

" Maputo : One person died and four others were admitted to hospital between 17 and 23 April following an outbreak of cholera in the Costa do Sol neighbourhood, in the outlying suburb of Maputo, Mozambican capital, reports Monday's issue of the daily "Noticias".

This is the first time a cholera outbreak reported in Maputo since 2007.

According to the Maputo Director of Health, Maria Benigna Matsinhe, the first case was identified on 21 April within a family of seven people who were suffering from diarrhoea. The second case was identified two days later in the same residential area, affecting 20 patients.

Matsinhe said the rising number of cases of diarrhoeas led health authorities to conduct tests that would later confirm that five of the patients were confirmed cases of cholera.

She explained that the cholera epidemic was caused by poor hygiene and maintenance of latrines, a chronic situation in the Costa do Sol neighbourhood."

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