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Monday, August 29, 2011

Australia : Region in the grip of viruses

Article via The Advocate, excerpt :

" COASTERS are being hit for six by a number of flu strains and an outbreak of gastroenteritis.

It is a much worse flu season than last winter, according to hospital emergency department specialist Marielle Ruigrok.

Dr Ruigrok said about 70% of the people she saw had some sort of viral illness.

It appeared to be a slightly worse situation at the North West Regional Hospital in Burnie than at the Mersey Community Hospital at Latrobe.

"Don't ask me why, this is just anecdotal," Dr Ruigrok said.

She works at both hospitals.

"Flu viruses have been prevalent over the last five to six weeks," she said.

"This flu season and virus season is a lot worse than last year and worse than swine flu the year before.

"We have seen some swine flu cases this year and there are also several other viruses around."

Dr Ruigrok said patients did not get tested for which strain they had contracted, unless the patients were really sick, as the treatment was the same for all."

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