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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

India : Malaria on rise, 68 cases in seven months

Via Times of India :

" NAGPUR: There seems to be a rise in malaria cases being reported in the city with as many as 68 positive cases being registered in last seven months. Out of these, 40 cases have been registered in past 60 days. However, no case of death has been reported.

As per records of Nagpur Municipal Corporation's (NMC) malaria and filaria department, a total of 68 positive cases of malaria were registered in the city from January 1 to July 31 this year. While seven out of these were tested as 'Plasmodium Falciparum', which is the deadliest among all four species of malaria, the remaining 61 cases were tested as 'Plasmodium Vivax', which is the most common species.

District health officer Dr Nadeem Khan credited the absence of any epidemics this year to the monitoring of the health services department of the civic body. "We have tried to raise awareness about the diseases in many ways including field trips by our officials in various areas prone to the diseases on taluka level. We visited many households and pointed out the faulty practices that lead to breeding of mosquitoes and flies," he said.

Out of the 68 cases, 19 were registered in June followed by 21 being registered in July. These cases were detected in 1,03,333 patients, whose blood samples were tested in city-based laboratories. However, the malaria cases seem to have risen this year as compared to last year when only 45 cases were registered between January 1 and July 31."

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