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Friday, August 26, 2011

Pakistan : Malaria, black water fever cases reported in Rawalpindi

Via The News :

" During the last one month, a significant number of malaria cases, including black water fever, have been reported at the allied hospitals in town.

According to data collected by The News , District Headquarters Hospital received over 50 patients with complications of malaria, Benazir Bhutto Hospital received over 40 patients while 35 plus patients reached Holy Family Hospital with malaria. Meanwhile, some 22 cases of black water fever were reported at the allied hospitals of which four died of its complications.

Most of the cases admitted at tertiary care hospitals with malaria are with complications of the protozoal infestation, said a medical specialist serving at BBH on condition of anonymity. He added that mosquitoes have increased in twin cities, which are causing malaria.

Registrar Medicine Unit at BBH Dr Umar Saeed was of the view that over prescription of anti-malarial drugs by local general physicians and quacks along with self-medication is major cause of increase in drug resistant malaria cases.

Black water fever is an ancient term given to falciparum malaria in which the colour of urine of a patient gets dark. Its symptoms include high-grade fever on alternate days, fits, and shivering and black urine. If left untreated, it may cause complications including organ failure.

The onset of malaria should not be taken as non-serious and patients should avoid self-medication, said medical specialist at BBH Dr Muhammad Mujeeb Khan while talking to The News Thursday. He added that in case of having symptoms, a patient should immediately consult a qualified physician to avoid complications of the disease."

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