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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Brazil : Influenza B outbreak sends 62 Brazilian marines to hospital

Via Xinhua :

" The Brazilian Navy said Tuesday that Influenza B was responsible for the hospitalization of 62 Marine Corps cadets in the past few days.

The local naval hospital said seven cadets have tested positive for the virus, including some serious cases, such as 22-year-old cadet Leonardo Gama Rodrigues, who is being kept under observation in the intensive care unit.

"The cadets had acute respiratory syndrome, some with grave symptoms," Dr. Andre Delorenzi said, adding that Influenza B is spread by airborne transmission.

Among the 57 cadets admitted to the naval hospital last week, 38 have been discharged and are currently quarantined in the Admiral Milciades Portela Alves Training Center (Ciampa). The other five cadets who were admitted on Monday and Tuesday remain in the hospital.

Around 800 cadets and workers of Ciampa have got the flu shot, the Navy said."

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