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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Experts Call On Indonesian Public to Swat Dengue Fever

Via Jakarta Globe :

" Experts are calling for Indonesians to piggyback on a government campaign and take more responsibility for preventing the spread of dengue hemorrhagic fever in the disease’s most infectious month.

Haryono, the founder of the anti-dengue Pikoli Foundation, said individuals could do a great deal to help eradicate the disease.

“If the whole society, at the same time, eliminates mosquito breeding places, we can cut mosquito diseases by 70 percent,” he said. “No eggs means no larvae. No larvae means no mosquitoes.”

In 2010, after a near-death experience with dengue fever, Haryono found himself questioning health services when he was released from the hospital early.

After realizing that poor people could not afford hospital bills and that the public had little awareness of the issue, he was motivated to create the Pikoli Foundation.

“The government needs to involve society,” he said. “Many countries fail to eradicate mosquito-borne diseases because they don’t involve society.”

Experts believe it comes down to public awareness.

“People should know about dengue because this is an epidemic in Indonesia,” Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) chairman Prijo Sidipratomo said.

The anti-mosquito 3M campaign — “Mengubur, Menutup dan Menguras” (“Drain, Seal and Bury”) — has gotten lots of publicity on billboards and televisions around Indonesia, but Prijo said this was not enough to prevent one of the most deadly diseases in the country."

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