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Monday, October 28, 2013

India, Hyderabad : Viral fevers, HFMD on the rise

Via The Hindu :

" It is not just the cases of swine flu and dengue that are being detected in large numbers. Health officials, senior paediatricians and general practitioners are also indicating a rise in viral fevers and the prevalence of hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) among children below five years this season.

While the typical symptoms of viral fevers are cough, cold, fever and body pains, the HFMD is characterised by mild illness, red spots on hands and legs, sore throat and mouth ulcers. Caused by virus, HFMD, however, is self-limiting and doctors point out that children will be able to recover within a week and there are no serious complications.

“Most of the viral fevers among children and even adults spread through touch and frequent hand washing is mandatory. There is no specific vaccine for HFMD, but there are flu shots for specific respiratory infections such as pneumonia. HFMD will subside on its own and there is no need for parents to panic,” advises in-charge Professor, Paediatrics, Gandhi Hospital, M. Vasudeva Murali."

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