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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

MERS update: 3 more Saudi cases, 1 in Qatar

From Robert Roos at CIDRAP :

" Three more Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) cases, apparently including a fatal one, were reported in Saudi Arabia over the weekend, while Qatar reported an asymptomatic case in a foreigner in the country, according to government statements and news reports.

A machine-translated statement from the Saudi Ministry of Health (MOH), apparently issued on Oct 26, said the new cases all occurred in the Eastern province. The cases involve:

An 83-year-old citizen who had contact with a confirmed case-patient, had chronic illnesses, and was in an intensive care unit (ICU)

A 54-year-old resident healthcare worker with chronic illnesses who was in stable condition in an ICU

A 49-year-old citizen, also in stable condition in an ICU

In an English-language statement dated yesterday, the MOH announced that an 83-year-old in the Eastern region who had "many chronic diseases" died of MERS-CoV. The patient appears to be the same 83-year-old whose case was announced a day earlier."

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