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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Indonesia : 1 Residents of Bengkulu Allegedly Hit by Bird Flu

Machine translated article from Kompas :

A Great Hamlet Village residents, the city of Bengkulu, Burhan (53) resident, was taken to the Hospital M Yunus undergoing medical treatment since Saturday (10/12/2013). 

He feared bird flu after eating chicken meat with suspected bird flu. Burhan wife, Rogaya, said, on Tuesday, Burhan redeem some rooster with the hens in Panorama City Market Bengkulu.

He plans to breed around 35 chickens he had. Unexpectedly, after that, in a matter of a few days, dead pet chicken to the remaining two-tailed. During that time, he had slaughtered some pet chickens for consumption. 

After eating it, Burhan said to suffer from abdominal pain and cough. Separately, Animal Husbandry Department officials Bengkulu, Helni Kusuma Dewi, confirmed that on Saturday, he received a report that livestock owned by Burhan died suddenly.

 "After we did a quick test apparently confirmed chickens owned Burhan pack tested positive for bird flu, while live chicken are advised to be destroyed, but because we have no funds to replace the resident chickens leave our chickens, we only recommend it, "said Helni. Burhan Until this news was still being treated in yellow numbers 9 M.Yunus Hospital for observation."

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