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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Indonesia : Health Officials Rush to Address Possible Dengue Outbreak in West Java

Via Jakarta Globe :

" Hundreds of residents have been hospitalized in Cidaun subdistrict, as local health officials reported a possible outbreak of dengue fever on Wednesday.

Villagers in the Bobojong hamlet in Cidamar village have reportedly come down with high fevers and joint pain in the past week. The affected residents also exhibited red rashes —a symptom of the dengue virus — Cidaun Polyclinic head Ade Wahyudin said.

“We conducted laboratory tests to ascertain whether this was really dengue or something else,” Ade said. “But judging from the symptoms, it appears to be dengue.”

It may be the first dengue outbreak reported in the subdistrict, an area not typically known as a breeding ground for the aedes aegypti mosquito — the carrier of dengue and chikungunya. In the first nine months of the year, Cidaun reported only three cases of dengue fever."

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