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Monday, December 30, 2013

Canada : Dozens hospitalized after nasty flu hits Calgary

Via Calgary Herald, excerpt :

A particularly nasty kind of influenza circulating in the city this year has sent dozens of people to hospital, with thousands of Calgarians lining up to get their flu shots in the last few days to ward off the illness.

By midday Saturday, the Calgary zone had 274 lab-confirmed cases of influenza since the start of the season, with most of the cases being the H1N1 pandemic strain from four years ago.

In a 24-hour period between Friday and Saturday, 33 new positive lab reports were recorded, including 13 cases that required hospitalization, said Dr. Judy MacDonald, medical officer of health for Alberta Health Services in Calgary.

While the number of cases isn’t unusual as the season picks up steam, the number of severe influenza illnesses sending people to the hospital is high, with 122 cases reported, she said."

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