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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Fiji : Dengue alert

Via The Fiji Times Online :

THE Ministry of Health says it suspects a new strain of dengue is circulating in Fiji following the discovery of 13 new dengue cases at the CWM Hospital in the last week alone.

The ministry was alerted to the possibility after finding out that along with the 13 new cases, there were also 42 more cases recorded at CWMH in the previous four weeks.
Communicable diseases acting national adviser Dr Mike Kama explained there were four strains of dengue with most people in Fiji immune to the endemic dengue 1 strain.
"Most people in Fiji are immune to dengue 1 so it requires an introduction of another type in order for these kinds of things to happen," he said.
"So we are suspecting that may be the case but we don't have that information right now. We've sent our blood away to try to ascertain that."
He said a team had visited CWMH after learning of the unusually high number of new dengue cases."

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