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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Source of H7N9 still a mystery

Article via The Standard, excerpt :

" A team of local medical experts met with Shenzhen and Guangdong provincial health authorities but could not trace the source of the H7N9 bird flu that has sickened two people in Hong Kong.

The team included Chuang Shuk- kwan, community medicine consultant at the Centre for Health Protection, and Tsang Tak-yin, medicine and geriatrics consultant at Princess Margaret Hospital.

Centre controller Leung Ting-hung said mainland health officials have started investigations and taken samples from poultry markets.

"The source of infection cannot be ascertained at this stage, which was agreed by both the Guangdong and Hong Kong sides," Leung said.

But he said that the second patient, an ailing 80-year-old who lives in Shenzhen, did not come into contact with live poultry, although his family members bought slaughtered chicken."

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