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Friday, May 21, 2010

Iraq : Brief Emergency Report on Hemorrhagic Fever

Via NCCI :

" DoH ordered to prevent movement of cattle coming from Ninewa governorate to Duhok and imposed strict measures on entrance points to prevent smuggled cattle and prevented any meat and dairy products coming from Mosul because of the spread of the virus in the city.

MoH in earlier time announced that lab tests on two death cases and four suspected cases was because of hemorrhagic fever, and referred to the spread of this disease was because of eating polluted meat from hawkers. MoH started awareness campaign in this regard.

Offices related to veterinary of Duhok will implement in the next few days wide campaigns in the areas close to Ninewa to sterilize animals and cattle by showering anti intrusions and vaccinating cattle.

Also, there will be mobile teams from DoH to follow up.

They asked people to cooperate with them to face this disease and follow health instructions to prevent this disease from spreading.

Symptoms of fever viral hemorrhagic is fever, tiredness, inappetence, sickness, sweating, rosy cheeks, and in severe cases it might lead into internal or external bleeding, kids will possibly have spasms or go in comma that lead in the end to death.

This pandemic disease has spread in Erbil and Duhok in the years 1994-1996 killing one person who was working as a veteran assistant in Erbil; there were other infected cases."

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