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Friday, March 18, 2011

Australia : Mild signs of bird flu found in wild ducks

From ABC News :

" Low pathogenic avian influenza virus has been found in Tasmanian wild ducks tested as part of a national surveillance program.

However, Department of Primary Industry, Water and Environment senior vet, Dr Bruce Jackson, says no tests have found highly virulent disease-causing avian influence strains.

Dr Jackson says tests are part of an early detection program to prevent and manage of the disease, and large scale poultry farmers are being advised to maintain their biosecurity.

"The low pathogenic ones, we know they're find in the ducks, there's no problem there, there's no mortalities. We haven't seen any disease, I'd stress that," he said.

"But we know some of these viruses, if they get into large commercial poultry units, there's some types which we know can cause disease in domestic poultry."

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