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Friday, March 18, 2011

China : City reports year's first H1N1 death

An article from Shanghai Daily :

" THE Shanghai Health Bureau recorded this year's first A/H1N1 flu death in last month's infectious disease report, but officials said yesterday the overall situation was stable.The bureau recorded 2,115 cases of serious infectious diseases last month.

The top five diseases - syphilis, tuberculosis, gonorrhea, viral hepatitis and A/H1N1 flu - covered 88 percent of the total cases.In February, a total of 153 A/H1N1 flu cases were reported, including 130 locals and 23 people from other areas of the country.

There were 639 cases in January.There were four recorded deaths from infectious diseases last month - two from tuberculosis, one from rabies and the A/H1N1 flu.The bureau didn't disclose details of the A/H1N1 flu death."

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