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Monday, March 21, 2011

Disaster in Japan Live Blog: March 21

From Al-Jazeera :

" (All times are local in Japan GMT+9)

Japanese defence minister says surface temperatures of all 6 reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant has dropped to below 100 degrees Celcius.
Toshimi Kitazawa quoting a nuclear expert said lower temperature confirms the existence of water in the spent fuel rod storage pools. He said Self-Defence Forces officials on Sunday measured the temperatures from a helicopter using an infrared device.

Japanese police say the number of people killed or gone missing has topped 21,000 as of Sunday night, with 8,400 confirmed deaths.

Tsunami survivor Kiyoshi Hiratsuka searched all day for his much beloved Harley Davidson in the ruins of his hometown, Onagawa. The once vibrant fishing town was obliterated when the devastating tsunami that followed the earthquake converted it into a landscape of death and destruction.

Residents say half of the town's 10.000 people are gone.

Digging in the rubble of what was once his home, Hiratsuka eventually found the handlebars of his Harley sticking out from the debris. The 37-year-old mechanic explained his relief to Associated Press news agency at finding the bike, saying he wanted to keep it as a memorial to the losses suffered by Japan."

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