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Monday, March 21, 2011

Indonesia : Bird Flu attacks 3 in Kaur district

Translated report from Kominfo Newsroom :

" The bird flu virus re-attacked two districts in Kaur, Bengkulu Province, while the village of Padang Panjang, District and Village Semidang Gumay Padang Petron, District of South Kaur, having previously also attacked the District Kaur.

The result of the samples taken the Department of Agriculture and animal husbandry Kaur County, tested positive for bird flu. It is known based on a sampling of poultry in the form of chickens that died suddenly.

The presence of bird flu that attacked the two districts expressed Kadispertan Ir Buyung Wiadi Kaur, MM through the Head of Ir Ersuan farms, Sunday (20 / 3).

It is said Ersuan, initially he knew the bird flu after receiving reports that there are birds in the form of chickens that died suddenly. First in the village of Padang Petron. From as many as 2 dead birds sampled, one positive note tail."

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