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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Taiwan : CDC confirms three flu strains resistant to Tamiflu treatment

Via Taipei Times :

" The infected range in age from 13 to 51 and have varying medical aliments, but they are now being treated with a different medication

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) yesterday confirmed the discovery of three H1N1 flu strains that are resistant to the most commonly prescribed antiviral drug, Tamiflu.

Three patients infected with the drug-resistant strains were admitted to hospital in late January and early last month, CDC Deputy Director-General Shih Wen-yi (施文儀) said.

However, “there are no signs of these strains spreading into the wider community,” he said, adding that none of the 133 samples taken from people who had contact with the patients had tested positive for resistance to Tamiflu.

The patients, aged 13, 35 and 51, were reported to have weakened immune systems caused by asthma, a bone marrow transplant and lupus respectively, he said."

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