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Monday, March 7, 2011

Uncovering Yemen's contagious killer disease

An article from Yemen Observer, excerpt :

" A contagious disease, popularly known as Mukarfas, has emerged and rapidly spread across various districts and villages of Hodeida governorate, local medical sources have confirmed. It is believed that this contagious disease first appeared in Hodeida in October last year.

It has left Hodeida’s citizens terrified and most doctors remain perplexed over the changing symptoms and nature of this disease. Up to now, it has controversially been identified as ‘Dengue Fever’ which previously occurred and mostly spread in the northern parts of Hodeida governorate by the end of 2009, according to the Hodeida Health Bureau.

The Yemen Observer contacted and met with some Hodeida health officials, academics and specialist doctors to conduct a comprehensive report on this deadly disease. Mukarfas dates back nearly six decades, said local sources. Mohammed Hossein, 45, from Al-Ma’arofiah in Al-Zaidyah district in Hodeida, said he had come heard about it since childhood."

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