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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Indonesia : Klungkung, Bali - Health Service examines people in endemic areas

Ida at Bird Flu Information Corner has been very active for the past few weeks, here's the latest post, excerpt :

" Bali – Health Service examined people in Klungkung following to the bird flu outbreak. Nasal samples of 4 locals from Desa Satra and Akah, the bird flu endemic areas, were collected to be tested in the laboratory, said Head of Health Service of Klungkung.

Bird flu infection in birds was reported when chickens reared by locals in Desa Satra and Akah suddenly died, and rapid tested positive, said the spokesman of Livestock Service, Gusti Ngurah Badiwangsa. Control measures were taken by depopulation, disinfection of bird cages and environment within radius of 100 m from the infected area."

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