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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Zealand : Kiwis Urged to Get Flu Protection Before Winter

Via Scoop :

" Kiwis Urged to Get Flu Protection Before Winter

New Zealanders are urged to get immunised against seasonal influenza before winter as the first cases of this disease have already been confirmed in the country.

“People who are eligible for free immunisation should protect themselves as soon as possible as they are most vulnerable to complications from influenza,” urges National Influenza Strategy Group (NISG) spokesperson and virologist, Dr Lance Jennings.

Dr Jennings says that each year between 10-20 percent of New Zealanders get influenza.

“People need to be immunised before winter as it can take up to two weeks to develop immunity after immunisation.”

Dr Jennings says the annual seasonal influenza immunisation campaign is off to a flying start. Over 700,000 doses of influenza vaccine have been distributed to surgeries and clinics already.

In 2010, influenza vaccine distribution reached 1,046,000.

“This is an encouraging start but that figure still means many thousands of people are vulnerable to this potentially serious disease."

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