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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

India : Water-borne diseases surge in the City

Article from Deccan Herald :

" Water contamination and poor hygiene have led to the increase in incidents of gastroenteritis (GE) and diarrhoea in the City. Doctors from various hospitals said cases had risen in the last 15 days along with a few confirmed cases of cholera.

As many as 293 cases of GE were reported from Isolation Hospital last month, with the male and female ward being nearly full even on Tuesday. “We received 17 cases of GE on Monday. We are receiving at least 15-20 cases per day for the last 10 days,” said a staff.

The hospital had four positive cases of cholera last month, with three being diagnosed in the last week. Doctors at Victoria Hospital said there had been a substantial increase in GE cases over the last three months. The hospital is receiving three to four persons with GE symptoms on any single day. As for cholera, the hospital treated one patient, who was referred from Isolation Hospital a fortnight ago.

“The patient, who was from Goripalya, was misdiagnosed and our doctors diagnosed him for cholera and treated him,” said Medical Superintendent Dr B G Tilak."

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