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Monday, May 31, 2010

Brazil : Dengue has already affected more than 4000 cities

Via O Globo, a report on dengue which I used Google Translate for the English version, excerpt :

" Brasilia and Belo Horizonte : Facing a routine traps and neglect, the 60 000 officers of the battalion to fight dengue across the country slowly lose the war against Aedes aegypti. Buoyed by the uncontrolled growth and the precariousness of basic sanitation in the outskirts of large cities, the mosquito widens every year its range and raises his list of victims.

Evidence that the actions taken by federal, state and municipalities to control dengue are insufficient is revealed with the increase of localities with outbreaks. In 1995, 1752 were infested cities. Today there are 4005 municipalities with mosquito breeding."

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