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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Japan : At least 28 types of new-flu virus entered Japan during 2009 outbreak

Via Breitbart :

" TOKYO, May 26 : At least 28 types of the new-influenza virus on the genetic level entered Japan from the outbreak last spring to late September, researchers at the Infectious Disease Surveillance Center said Wednesday.

The virus type that spread across Kobe and Osaka during the initial phase of the outbreak in the country in May last year is believed to have been eradicated due mainly to speedy implementation of measures including a widespread closure of schools, according to the results of analysis.

A team led by Teiichiro Shiino, the institute's chief researcher, analyzed the genetic base sequence of a total of 238 specimens, including 75 new-flu samples collected between May 8 and Sept. 20 last year in Japan and 163 samples collected worldwide."

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