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Monday, May 31, 2010

Singapore : Number of flu cases near epidemic levels

Via Asia One :

" IT IS epidemic season in Singapore. The number of cases of flu has gone through the roof.

Although this is a traditionally high season for influenza and colds - collectively called acute respiratory infection - the number of people with the sniffles has been at epidemic, or near-epidemic, levels for the past six weeks.

Last week, for instance, 18,420 people sought treatment for the flu at polyclinics alone - or about 4,000 more patients a week than the norm for this time of the year.

Private clinics are also seeing more patients with runny noses, fevers, aching bones and sore throats.

The Raffles Medical chain of more than 40 GP clinics has seen the number of such cases jump by about 20 per cent."

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