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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pakistan : HFH receives three more suspects

Via The News :

" The Holy Family Hospital (HFH) received three more suspects of swine influenza (swine flu) here on Wednesday whose swaps were sent to the National Institute of Health (NIH), Islamabad, for confirmatory tests. “We received another three patients with symptoms of swine flu on Wednesday and after suspecting them to be patients of the infection, the HFH has sent their samples to the NIH for confirmation,” said Infection Control Committee at Holy Family Hospital In-charge Dr. Javed Hayat while talking to ‘The News’.

He added that the three suspects are being kept in isolation. Earlier, the HFH received a total of four patients of the infection, of which two were tested positive while two negative by the NIH. “Of the two confirmed patients of swine flu, one died while the other, who is stable, has been undergoing treatment in the hospital,” he said.

Throughout Pakistan, there is a continued increase in laboratory-confirmed cases of the swine influenza infections and keeping this in mind, the health experts have started stressing on the need for creating awareness among the public on its prevention. Experts believe that if preventive measures are not taken well in time, the country might have to deal with a serious situation."

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