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Friday, January 28, 2011

Ireland : Number of swine flu deaths doubles

Via The Irish Examiner, excerpt :

" THE number of deaths from swine flu has doubled, according to figures released yesterday by the Health Protection Surveillance Centre.

Last week saw the highest death toll from swine flu so far this season, when five people died. This brings to 10 the total number of fatalities as a result of H1N1.

However, the overall influenza-associated death toll stands at 12, including the death of two people with Influenza B infection. Eleven of the deceased had underlying conditions. The east of the country had the highest death toll, claiming eight lives. Two people died in the south and two in the east.

Of the overall number of deaths:

* One death was in a patient in the 0-4 year age group.

* Seven patients were in the 15-64 year age group.

* Four patients were aged 65 years and older."

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