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Monday, June 6, 2011

Fiji : Leptospirosis claims 10th victim

Via Fiji Times Online :

" FIFTY-five-year old Suliana Lewavou of Nadi became the latest person to succumb to leptospirosis, while another is in serious condition at the Lautoka Hospital emergency unit.

The death of Mrs Lewavou last month increased the national death toll to 10.

This was confirmed by the hospital's consultancy physician, Dr Deo Narayan.

He said 11 severe cases were reported to the hospital last month and people have been urged to take extra precaution.

Dr Narayan said leptospirosis needed to be taken seriously since lives had been lost through negligence and late presentation of sickness at medical centres.

"There were 28 severe cases and 10 deaths reported so far," he said.

"There could be more out there in the streets that could be infected with the disease.

"Despite of the numerous awareness campaigns made, people still fail to adhere to our advice."

Dr Narayan warned members of the public to be extra careful while eating at restaurants because the deadly infection was also spread by rats.

""We need a control of the rat population in houses and in restaurants. Some restaurants have a huge population of rats and these rats can spread the disease on foods. It is therefore important for people to take extra precautionary measures."

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