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Friday, June 10, 2011

Finland : EHEC infection discovered in Helsinki kindergarten

Article via Helsingin Sanomat, now a day care centre in Finland has reported case of EHEC :

" A case of the EHEC infection that has caused havoc in Germany was found in a Helsinki kindergarten on Thursday. Helath officials were notified of the matter at around noon, according to infectious diseases specialist and Helsinki city epidemiologist Hannele Kotilainen.

The daycare centre is now attempting to determine if there is more than one case to the outbreak.

"The matter is being examined according to the usual channels. We are charting the group and anyone with symptoms, and running tests on them", reports Kotilainen.

She did not specify whether the infected party was a child or one of the kindergarten's adult staff.

"I do not wish at this stage to go into the whos or hows of the infection, but in any event it is associated with the Lapinlahti daycare centre."

The city's epidemiology unit handed out packages for the taking of samples to parents of children at the daycare centre late on Thursday afternoon.

All city daycare centtres are being issued with hygiene instructions and the reminder that under no circumstances should children with diarrhoea symptoms be brought to kindergarten."

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